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Lions of Kentucky:


This page is for updates to the process of reorganization of the MD43 that is in transition from 6 Districts to 2 Districts. 

All Lions of Kentucky are encouraged to take a look at the current proposals and submit comments and questions to the reorganization team. {One of the slides have the Lions indicated on the different teams relative to your questions}. 



KENTUCKY LIONS September 2017 First Meet and Greets in the Commonwealth - please download the flyer for details.


Of Special interest: Redistricting takes effect on July 1, 2018 at 12:00 AM. The new districts will be 43K and 43Y. The graphics in the Powerpoint Presentation indicates which political divisions are going into the new Districts. These Districts are NEW Districts not to be confused with the the previous organizational Districts. Current Clubs and Current Zones should take a look at the map and determine if there are activities that cross those lines for potential subdivisions in the proposed Districts. 


Additionally: The Redistricting is a work in progress. Current presentation and organization except for the line that was approved through Lions Club International will be in a state of flux as issues are discovered and are worked through. The current representation can and will change over the course of the next several years. 


Voting will be held in the future, May unknown at momentth from 3:45 to 5:00 pm EDT.  Please note that Registration on Saturday will be from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm EDT.   Friday, May unknown at momentth registration will be from 1:00 to 5:00pm EDT.  All delegates must be registered by 1:00 pm on unknown at moment to be able to vote. 


The Convention will be held at the TO BE DETERMINED KY.  Attached is the information packet for the State Convention.


Below is the excerpt from our By-Laws in regards to the number of votes each club in good standing has.  Good standing means that no monies are due to LCI or MD43.


The Council of Governors are asking that you choose your delegates in advance and send their names to the MD43 State Secretary.  Attached is the form to use to indicate who will represent your club as delegates and as alternates at the convention.






Section 10. Each chartered club in the State in good standing shall be entitled to one voting delegate and one alternated for each ten (10) members of said club, or major fraction thereof [five (5) or more being a major fraction] as shown by the records of Lions International on the first day of the month during which the Convention is held. Each such vote on any question can be cast only by a delegate present in person at the convention, and no delegate shall cast more than one vote on each question.


Section 11. All present and past District Governors of the State shall be permitted full voting privileges and said vote shall not be construed as a vote of a delegate from his/her home club.


Section 12. A majority of the registered delegates present shall constitute a quorum at the time of the voting.



Please contact your District Governor or me if you have any questions.


Please return the delegate/alternate form by May 1st. 



PDG Bea Chapin

MD43 State Secretary










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