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Brief History of Kentucky Lions Multiple District 43

During the years 1920-1941 Kentucky and Tennessee were one district. In March of 1941, Kentucky was assigned District 43 with Lion Chris Russell of Maysville serving as its first District Governor. At the 1941 State Convention it was voted to adopt the Multiple District Governor's plan to become effective at the beginning of the 1941-1942 fiscal year and state would be divided into Districts K & Y.


Lion Edward Roberts of Madisonville served as Governor of District K and Lion Gilbert Perrone of Lexington served as Governor of District 43 Y. Since 1920 eleven Kentucky Lions have been honored by being elected to serve on the Lions Clubs International Board as International Directors and one of these, PIP Finis Davis, served as President of the Association in 1960-1961.


In 1946-1947 Kentucky was divided into four Districts and in 1967-1968 was divided into the present six Districts.


Oldest Lions Clubs in Kentucky

Paducah - April 1920

Fulton - June 1924

Mayfield - May 1920

Maysville - February 1929

Owensboro - June 1920

Bowling Green - February 1931

Lexington – December 1920

Paris - March 1931

Louisville Downtown - Sept. 1920

Winchester - March 1931

Hazard - March 1922

Richmond - April 1931

Frankfort - December 1923

Harrodsburg - May 1931

Ashland - February 1924






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